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Sedgwick, Maine

About Us


Strong Brewing Co. produces high quality ales and lagers from a completely home made 1.5 bbl. brewhouse.

The main focus of our company is fresh draft beer. We source regional grown malt, hops and use organic ingredients wherever possible.

Come enjoy a pint in our taproom then grab a growlers to take home.

Summer Hours:

Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday, Friday and Saturday 1-7pm.

Dinner & Music are postponed until permit issues are resolved

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  • Summer Session: Maine Brewer’s Guild Beer Fest

    We are excited to announce that we are officially joining Summer Session: Maine Brewer’s Guild 2015 Beer Festival. We are extending an early and personal invitation to you, as Maine beer lovers and loyal customers, to join us outdoors for an afternoon under the sun.
    Summer Session will take place on Saturday, July 25th from 1pm to 5pm at Thompson’s Point, Portland’s premiere waterfront venue. A VIP session is available starting at noon and Maine brewers will be conducting 10-15 minute Beer School Classes throughout the day. The festival is expecting over 50 breweries and planning to pour more than 100 local beers.


  • The 220’s

    The 220s are a progressive rock trio based out of mid-coast Maine. Guitar virtuoso, Joel Watson. James Taylor providing the low-end of the spectrum. And, Mark LeClair laying down the foundation on drums. The group has developed a reputation for unforgettable live shows full of tasty improvisational jams, and fine-tuned musicianship, while making sure no two performances are alike.

  • The Blood Orange Martinis

    The Blood Orange Martinis formed a few years ago when Souder and Williams, who had been playing as a blues duo, joined forces with bass player Phil Pitula to create a trio with a more driving, electric sound. Guitarist Trent Souder and harp player Lauren Williams had been playing together in various blues bands since the early to mid nineties–the Taildraggers, the Marvin Lord Group, Souder and Williams Blues Band–when they hooked up with Phil Pitula, initially to form the short-lived Sweet Northern Blues Band, which played festivals and local haunts for about a year before dissolving. Pitula, a veteran of such groups as Sister Sadie, Nevah, and Hot Wax, rejoined Souder and Williams in this stripped down version to produce a tighter, more dynamic trio which has the power of a full band and the dynamics of a small group.

  • When Particles Collide

    The music of When Particles Collide includes Southern Rock choruses, New Wave a la Blondie vocals, lightning speed Green Day-esque drumming, classic Motown grooves and Queens of the Stone Age-style riffs — and yet somehow it all sounds like Chris and Sasha.

  • Southwest Harbor Oktoberfest

    This festival is a fundraiser for the Chamber and a celebration of the season bringing members of the community, day trippers from up and down the coast, and tourists from beyond Maine together to enjoy fine beer, Maine made crafts, music and food.

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7 Rope Ferry Road, Sedgwick, Maine 04676

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