Brewed in Sedgwick, Maine

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Acadia Sunrise

Gose with Maine Raspberries

Gose Paul Revere

ABV 4%

A classic German wheat ale brewed with Maine sea salt and coriander.


ABV 8%

Belgian stout

Dark Storm

ABV 7%

Blue Baron

ABV 3.6%

A tart wheat ale can be served with or without our homemade organic Maine wild blueberry syrup!

Hangar a Bateaux

ABV 5%

A light Belgian ale with fruity esters and hints of clove.

Hot Chocolate Stout

ABV 7%

MidSummer Nights Dream

ABV 5%

Refreshing wheat ale brewed with organic chamomile and Maine honey.

Rope Ferry Red

ABV 6%


ABV 7%

44 Kaffee Weisse

ABV 4%

A dunkelweizen style infused with our local coffee roaster 44 North’s Royal Tar blend!

5 Star Peach

ABV 7%

Pale ale with organic local peaches, local honey and spice!

Black Velvet

ABV 7%

Bale O’ Hay IPA

ABV 5%

Quenching session IPA with big grapefruit notes upfront pleasant finish not to bitter.

The Maineiac

ABV 10%

A double IPA for the hop lover.

Soulpatch Porter

ABV 6%

A delicious robust porter deep and rich with roasted malt and chocolate notes.


ABV 5%

A California common style beer. A pale and hoppy thirst quencher brewed with Maine grown pale malt and generous additions of Cascade hops.

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